Biomimetics is the study of the structure and function of biological substances with the goal of making artifical products that mimic nature. Copying, emulating, imitating, or learning from nature. The study and process of optimizing functions in nature to look for design solutions in biology.

Lots of nanodevices already exist in nature; hence, researchers have a plethora of components and techniques already available. Designing molecules, molecular assemblies, and macromolecules having biomimetic functions. Set of techniques used to develop novel synthetic materials; processes and sensors throught advanced understanding and exploitation of design principles found in nature. Biomimetics chemistry is the field of experimental simulation or modeling of biological simulations where chemists attempt to mimic the complex systems found in nature using less complicated artificial systems. An example includes genetically engineered highstrength silk fibers. These fibers are 100% tougher than Kevlar fibers.

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